Creating YES will help you grow your business by turning every interaction into results. 

We provide programs ranging from 2 hours to 2 days, coaching for teams and individuals, and keynote addresses. The Creating YES 3-Part Plan is woven throughout our programs, and can be used to drive individual performance, and when leveraged across the organization, company-wide transformation. 

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The ability to present your ideas and influence people to buy in and take action is central to growing your business, whether you’re in a business development role, or running a company, department, or enterprise of any kind. Most discussions and presentations leave people disinterested or confused, or simply don’t motivate anyone to take action – even if the content itself is important. Creating YES keys into how people take in information and are compelled to action, so you achieve the goal: getting people to buy in and do something as a result. The program will enable participants to successfully:

  • give compelling presentations
  • share information in meetings or informal conversations that motivate people to say "yes"
  • ask the right questions and be a productive listener
  • answer difficult questions and resolve disagreement
  • influence others to take action 



Common wisdom tells us that “as go the leaders, so goes the organization.” Growing your business relies on having leaders who know how to lead, inspire, equip, and coach the people who follow them to succeed, inspiring greater performance and loyalty. They know where they want to take their organization, they know the people on their team, and they know how to help them move from point A to point B. Creating YES prepares leaders, managers and supervisors to successfully:

  • coach individuals and teams
  • deliver sensitive feedback and difficult messages
  • delegate work
  • motivate people
  • know the impact of their style and make the right adjustments when needed
  • identify areas for ongoing growth and development through 360 feedback

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How well you communicate with your collaborators has a direct bearing on how successful you'll be at affecting change, strengthening relationships, and impacting the growth of the enterprise. Whether you’re proposing an idea, communicating a sensitive message, or working through conflict or differences of opinion, Creating YES will equip you do it effectively. As a result of Creating YES, participants will be able to successfully:

  • propose new ideas to other team members
  • share difficult messages or feedback
  • manage and resolve conflict and disagreements
  • influence others to take action
  • know the impact of their style and make the right adjustments when needed

The Creating YES Mindset

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Whether your goal is to be an effective leader, grow your business, or collaborate well with teammates, it’s ultimately all about outcomes – you want to create results. Results are tough to achieve, though, in the face of conflict, resistance or stress. While the Creating YES 3-Part Plan gives you the communication tools you need, the Creating YES Mindset is the “supertool” that makes the plan work. The Creating YES Mindset equips participants with a process to prepare for peak mental and emotional performance. It can be applied situationally, or used on a daily basis for a fundamental shift (improvement!) in overall mindset and performance. The Creating YES Mindset will enable participants to:

  • pivot from the “auto” mindset to the “choice” mindset
  • perform at the highest levels in high-stakes presentations and other critical situations
  • stay calm and respond effectively in the face of resistance and conflict
  • make better decisions under stress
  • improve overall performance and outcomes

    We have 25 years of experience in effective communication. Let us help you transform the way you communicate and the outcomes you achieve.