Mim Abbey, President

Mim Abbey is an international consultant and coach with 25 years of experience consulting with leaders and teams around the world, helping them grow their business by improving how they communicate, lead, collaborate, and build partnerships with internal and external stakeholders. She has spoken to groups and coached individuals in a wide variety of industries at organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, Bloomberg, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, KKR, JPMorgan Chase, Tiffany, Sony Pictures Entertainment, MetLife, and GE, with people from the CEO to middle management to individual contributors across functions.

Melissa Grey Satterfield, strategic partner

Melissa Grey Satterfield brings 20 years of extensive experience in management, business development, and instructional design/program development to her consulting. Melissa has helped many small business owners and their teams learn and grow the skills necessary to operate a successful small business together. In addition, Melissa is an expert in instructional design and professional skill development, consulting to organizations of all sizes across industries, and developing programs based on a unique combination of sound learning theory, top content-specific research and approaches, and client needs. Melissa is a certified master trainer, working with HRD professionals in Fortune 500 companies in the successful utilization of program design skills in their organizations.